The "Maritime Waste Collection" by OEOO has begun its work in many places.

The plastic waste must go!

One way to tackle the problem of plastic pollution is through collection and recycling. The environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean e.V., based in Munich, is working on this task on a large scale. With their specially designed collection boats of various sizes, they can achieve significant success in removing large floating trash islands from the surface of the water. These not only disrupt the scenery but literally suffocate life beneath them.

The collection vessels are customized to suit the local water landscape. Especially for the smaller boats used on lakes and rivers, different devices such as nets, ramps, or conveyor belt systems are employed as needed. This allows the boat crew to work efficiently and effectively.

Mare Nostrum has set a goal to donate such a collection boat. The so-called SeaHamster has a collection capacity of up to 500 kg per trip. On average, about 1.5 tons of plastic and other waste can be recovered from water bodies in this way per day.

The financial requirement for acquiring a custom-made SeaHamster is approximately CHF 50,000.

Support our organization's funding goal with your personal donation or through an initiative by your Rotary Club.

Download project description and financing plan.



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