Our Support for Projects and Initiatives

We contribute to ending ocean pollution by supporting specific projects and initiatives that can make significant contributions towards this goal. Our approach is multi-staged: initially, we directly support 5-10 projects with knowledge, resources, and financial assistance. Once we have gathered sufficient experience with these projects, we scale up activities through Rotary and globally.

Here, we present the projects we have supported so far.

CURRENTLY: Ghost Nets along the Coasts of Portugal

The "Ghost Nets Portugal" project is Mare Nostrum's first independent initiative.

Thanks to the locally well-established project initiator, Rot. Urs Endress from RC Arlesheim, an extensive preliminary project was realized with the goal of assessing the extent of the problem and determining the specific nature of the drifting nets in the ocean. These are fundamental prerequisites for developing a concept for eventually cost-effective recycling of the nets and estimating project costs.

Project Overview (PDF, in German)

Research Proposal (PDF, in English)

Status Report as of September 2023 (PDF, in German)


Following the preliminary investigations conducted, Mare Nostrum is now taking the lead in "Phase 3," which involves establishing a sustainable circular economy for the recovered ghost nets.

Are you an expert in plastic recycling, circular economy, or plastics technology? Would you like to contribute your expertise in alignment with Mare Nostrum's goals? We look forward to hearing from you!

Our other ongoing projects:

Sail & Explore Association, Bern, Switzerland

The association Sail & Explore combines sailing with science: For over 10 years, they have been observing developments in the oceans.

Our board member Anna Sidonia Marugg was part of it in 2021...

Image source: www.sailandexplore.com

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Kyaka II Refugee Settlement, Uganda/Africa


In the UNHCR refugee camp in Uganda, over 120,000 people live. Together with the local Rotary Club, RC of Kampala South, we support the establishment of a project for proper waste management with knowledge, resources, and financial assistance.


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Maritime waste disposal by One Earth - One Ocean

Mare Nostrum considers the concept of the Germany-based environmental organization One Earth - One Ocean highly worthy of support and plans to finance a "SeaHamster."

Image Source: One Earth - One Ocean/Facebook

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Mare Nostrum needs support.

Our projects are underway. Where possible, grants have been applied for and local leaders appointed. Now we need helping hands on our side:

The board team is seeking support in the form of project sponsors.

Become the key person for the success of your passion project and engage with the board in responsible plastic management. Get in touch with us, we look forward to hearing from you!