Kyaka II


The settlement Kyaka II was established in the year 2005 as a successor organization to Kyaka I, which accommodated the population fleeing from the 1994 Rwanda genocide. Currently, around 120,000 people reside in Kyaka II. Improper waste disposal and the resulting environmental pollution pose significant problems for both the environment and the health of the people. Here, we aim to provide a remedy.



Together with the local Rotary Club, the RC of Kampala South, we are supporting the establishment of a project for proper waste management in the refugee camp Kyaka II with knowledge, resources, and financial means.


From a one-time fundraising event to a long-term community service project.


Originally intended as immediate pandemic relief, a mask and hygiene item donation campaign by RC Kampala South evolved into a broad collaboration with the refugee camp. Assistance is urgently needed in practically all Rotary focus areas. One of the most glaring issues is the lack of waste management. However, the goal isn't just to warn about health and environmental hazards and provide education. The accumulated waste is also an economic resource if utilized effectively. This is precisely where the work of RC Kampala South, supported by Mare Nostrum, comes into play: By convincing the four local communities that collecting, sorting, and reselling waste can be a source of income, it's possible to achieve a degree of financial independence for up to 1,000 people.

Plastikabfall Kyaka


Mare Nostrum primarily supports Rotary in Kyaka II financially to facilitate the establishment of waste management infrastructure within the camp. Additionally, we engage directly with local Rotarians in personal exchanges and provide them with expertise and know-how.

Latest News: Together with RC Kampala South, Mare Nostrum submitted a Global Grant application in the summer of 2023.

We are now eagerly awaiting your response. With the combined strength of Rotary, it is possible to not only recognize the issue of waste accumulation in the camp but also to address it professionally. The plastic waste heaps present both risks and opportunities. Mare Nostrum makes a substantial contribution to empower the refugee community in Kyaka II to mitigate one and harness the other.

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