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Established: November 2020
Initiative Club: RC Arlesheim
Number of Members: 10 Rotary Clubs / over 150 individuals / network of over 1000 people (as of 9/2023)
Collaboration with the organization End Plastic Soup of the Amsterdam Rotary Clubs

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Annual fees

  • member: 50.00 Fr.
  • Rotaracter: 25.00 Fr.
  • Patron member: 1000.00 Fr. (+)
  • Clubs: 500.00 Fr. flat rate or 10.00 Fr. per member


Beat Siegenthaler
IBAN CH06 0076 9434 9349 1200 1
Empfänger: Rotary Aktionsgruppe Mare Nostrum



For the implementation of our projects, we depend on your donations. Thank you very much!

Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, 4410 Liestal
IBAN CH06 0076 9434 9349 1200 1

Current: Bylaw amendment, reports at the general meeting, and new projects

At the general meeting in 2023, it was decided to amend the existing bylaws. This change reflects the fact that Mare Nostrum is not and cannot become a Rotary Action Group. Furthermore, simplifications and clarifications were made.

Please refer to the minutes of the general meeting for more details.

Download minutes (German).

With the support of Mare Nostrum, two young winners of Swiss Youth in Science were able to participate in a research trip around the Azores this year. On board a sailing ship operated by the "Sail and Explore Association," they took water samples and gained insight into the issue of plastic pollution.

Read the two reports here:

Research report Tamara Haas (German)
Research report Nicolas Hatt (German)

The project "Ghost Nets Portugal," initiated by Rotarian Urs Endress, addresses the issue of lost or discarded fishing gear in the sea. Countless marine animals perish in these drifting nets.

The project's goal is to establish a self-sustaining circular economy for these plastics. Mare Nostrum has taken the lead in this effort.

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Publications about Mare Nostrum

Members of the board

Marc Dietrich

RC Arlesheim
Residence: Oberwil BL
Occupation: Economist, Entrepreneur

Josée Staff-Theis

RC Aarau
Residence: Aarau
Occupation: Economist, leading position in health care

Beat Siegenthaler

RC Arlesheim
Residence: Therwil
Occupation: Ophthalmologist



Ursula Schoepfer

RC Allschwil Regio-Basel
Treasurer & Projects
Residence: Hofstetten (SO)
Occupation: Unternehmerin, Dispopharm Services GmbH



Daniel Roniger

RC Rheinfelden-Fricktal
Residence: Magden
Occupation: Food engineer, self-employed


Albi Wuhrmann

RC Rheinfelden-Fricktal
Marketing und projects
Residence: Rheinfelden
Occupation: Merchant


Mitglieder mit unterstützenden Funktionen

Christine Wittmer

RC Basel-Wettstein
Website & communication
Residence: Rheinfelden
Occupation: Unternehmerin im Bereich Erwachsenenbildung

Advisory board

Projects: Max Herzig, RC Basel, Heik Afheldt, RC Arlesheim und Urs Herzog, RC Allschwil
Fundraising: Urs Endress, RC Arlesheim
Marketing, member recruitment: Regina Graf, RC Allschwil-Regio Basel
Expertise in Plastics and Packaging: Joachim von Heimburg, RC Basel-International
International- and Rotary-network, Environmental-Expertise: Urs Klemm, RC Aarau